Frequently Asked Questions

What services will ETA perform for me for my fee?

Initially, ETA will meet with a representative from the family, and with your parent, if desired, visit and evaluate your parent’s home to determine what is required to maximize the sale price, analyze the situation and propose a plan.

Can I handle some of the services and/or vendors myself?

Everything is handled through ETA in order to be able to manage the process and to keep everything moving in a timely basis.

What if I decide not to list my parent’s home as part of the ETA process?

That is an integral part of this process and a requirement to use our services.

How do I know I am getting the best vendors for the project?

All vendors selected by ETA have a proven track record in their field and have always provided excellent work.

Can I work with ETA if I live in another state and cannot meet directly with an ETA representative?

Absolutely, through phone conversations and email ETA can handle your parent’s estate as well as if we were meeting in person.

What if my parent currently lives in an apartment and I don’t have a home to list?

Listing and selling a home is a requirement of using our services. Some exceptions may apply.

What if my parent has recently passed away and there is not a move to a facility, may I still use this service?

Yes, ETA will assist you in handling your parent’s home and possessions.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, a contract is designed to provide both you and ETA protection, while ensuring that services are provided as promised and payment made as mutually agreed.

What if my siblings or children want to be involved in the process of ETA?

ETA prefers working with one individual who represents the family. Decisions regarding your parent should be made with the family involved prior to our meeting.  As we progress, you may want to consult with family regarding any additional discussions and determinations that need to be made.

When do I have to pay the fee for ETA services?

The initial fee is paid at the meeting when the proposal is presented.  Vendors will bill you directly for services provided.  ETA expenses for vendor management will be paid when the process is finished.

What additional expense will I incur beyond the cost of the fee for managing the vendors?

If there is a need to make some improvements to your parent’s home to maximize the sale price, these costs will be discussed and agreed upon separately.

Marilyn has helped us buy and sell several homes. From the initial listing right through the closing, we know that with her knowledge and experience our biggest investment is in the right hands. She is a working realtor who always has her clients interest in the forefront, and is never to busy to answer your questions or concerns.

Jan J.