Reaching a Destination

Whether you live around the block or across the country, ETA will be your partner in a smooth transition, handled with compassion. Contact us today as the first step on your amazing journey.


What is ETA?

The ETA support team will take care of all the details of transistioning your loved one into a new living situation, including independent living, assisted living or nursing care. We will ensure that the work is high quality and meets or exceeds your expectaions. As your Elder Transition Manager, we will customize a plan that includes all the services you need, from selling a house to making sure that the new surroundings feel like home. Let us know how we can help you!


  • Elder Transition Manager
  • Handyman
  • Pet Care
  • Home Cleaning
  • Estate Sales, Appraisals, Household Liquidation
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Legal Services
  • Online Auction House
  • Realtor


Our goal is to assist you with the transition of a loved one into a new and different environment. Our services will give you peace about the handling of a long-time home filled with a lifetime of treasured belongings, furniture and family heirlooms. We can even find a home for a beloved pet. With ETA as your partner, you can focus on caring for your loved one.

Elder Care

Marilyn is an honest, thoughtful & respected person. She works hard and follows through on her commitment to you.

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